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Calendrier Républicain Révolutionnaire - Plus d'informations

  • French revolutionary calendar has begun on 22. of September 1792 according gregorian calendar.
  • One year consisted of twekve months. One month had 30 days. At the end of the year, 5 or 6 days remained, wheter it was leap year or not.
  • One month had three weeks. One week consisted of ten days. Nine of them were working days and the last day was resting day. Such system was not so popular.
  • The Revolutionary calendar was abandonded by an order of Napoleon, in which he declared the re-adoption of the Gregorian calendar on 1 January 1806.

Calendrier Républicain Révolutionnaire - Convertisseur

Calendrier grégorien Calendrier Républicain Révolutionnaire
Deò Mois Année civile Deò Mois Année civile
du Décadi: 10 Floréal 223

Calendrier Républicain Révolutionnaire - Tables

Numer Mois Meaning
1 Vendémiaire vintage month
2 Brumaire fog month
3 Frimaire sleet month
4 Nivôse snow month
5 Pluviôse rain month
6 Ventôse wind month
7 Germinal seed month
8 Floréal blossom month
9 Prairial pasture month
10 Messidor harvest month
11 thermidor heat month
12 Fructidor fruit month
13 Sansculottides    additional days
Numer Jour
1du Primidi
2du Duodi
3du Tridi
4du Quartidi
5du Quintidi
6du Sextidi
7du Septidi
8du Octidi
9du Nonidi
10du Décadi
Numer Jour Meaning
1 jour de la vertu virtue day
2 jour du génie genius day
3 jour du labour labour day
4 jour de la raison reason day
5 jour de la recompense    reward day
6 jour de la révolution revolution day